Sunday, April 26, 2009

yummy mummy?

What's with this term? I hate it.

I think the term more realistically applies as to how your baby feels about you if you're breastfeeding. Like, Maiya, if she could speak, would say after a nursing session "Thanks for the snack, that was so yummy, mummy." But all this talk about being a glamorous yummy mummy is just rubbish. It's nice to look nice after having a baby but there is enough media pressure on being the perfect mom as it is without having even more pressure to look like one. And then they say this is the epitome of a yummy mummy?:

I found this old article on yummy mummies and good ol' Vicky seems to top the list. Now my cat claws are coming out cuz I have to say how does anyone find her yummy? There's no meat on her. Those boobs, while magnificent, didn't come from nursing 3 boys. But I could be wrong and if I am so, dear Victoria, please give me a call because I'm nursing my second child and mine don't look anything like that. I'm sure you're nice and all Mrs. Beckham and I'd like to get to know you better so come on over to my place and you can share your beauty tips and I'll feed you a meal cuz it looks like you could use a sandwich and a chocolate milkshake or three.


  1. lol, yeah i dont know what is so yummy about her.

  2. I'm always saying this too "give that woman a sandwich". lol

  3. lol..... maybe she gets automatically put on the yummy list because she is married to David Beckham?

    Sigh... the lives of the rich and famous.... I will never understand them.

    On that note... I am off to polish off that tub of ice cream!