Monday, April 27, 2009

this will only hurt for a second

Being a firefighter I have seen things that can be quite disturbing and have made my skin crawl. But I guess over the years I've become a bit desensitized and now I'm hard pressed to find too many things that make me squeamish. However, I have to admit that researching this on behalf of my husband made me squirm and whimper out loud. And I don't even own them parts. Well, ok, I do own them parts if you know what I mean. They say the procedure is safe but it seems so invasive. What if the doctor is in a bad mood that day and feels like taking it out on Bob and Bill? What is he has too many espressos that morning and has the shakes? What if it's allergy season and he sneezes? I like the timber of my husband's voice.... I don't think soprano suits him. I don't know if I can go through with it.

We had a dog that we had neutered and although it's not quite the same procedure it gives me a general idea of what to expect: My husband will be a bit grumpy and I'll have to invest in a few bags of frozen peas. But on a good note, at least he won't have to wear that crazy cone around his neck.

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