Monday, April 6, 2009

tv junkie

I have to admit I love all those emergency services tv shows. Always have, always will. Do you remember watching Emergency and Chips from the good old days? Didn't you just love Eric Estrada on that motorcycle? Ok... I am really dating myself with those shows.... fast forward some 30 years where sideburns aren't so huge.....Remember Third Watch when it still aired? Bosco was reckless in such an endearing way and Faye was just my kind of gal. ER was ok and now thankfully over because it just got sooooo boring after 15 seasons. It was never the same after George Clooney left. I watched the series finale and I was like 'just end this already'. Nothing spectacular. Flashpoint is pretty darn exciting and slick and I just love the fact that it's an unabashedly Canadian show and just makes us look sooooo cool. I do have to say that my favourite emergency show of all times is Grey's Anatomy. Something about McDreamy gets me right where it counts. Something about the sad eyes and rumpled hair and the fact that he lives in an airstream trailer out in the woods is kinda sexy. And the fact that he is a neurosurgeon has something to do with it I'm sure. But the thing is, we don't even have a television here at home. So most shows I download or just wait it out and watch on dvd. Rescue Me is airing a new episode tomorrow night after 18 months because of the US writer's strike and it's killing me that I won't be able to see it until who knows when. I love all those characters... they're so extreme but I think that's what makes them so funny and reminds me in some ways of the guys I work with.... thankfully the characters on my department are spread out over all the different shifts and stations because I couldn't imagine what it would be like to work with them all at once. It would be entertaining... that's for sure.

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