Tuesday, April 7, 2009

bunker gear delight

I am sooooo excited!!! The equipment manager from work called today. She said that we are getting measured for new bunker gear at the end of the month. Our current gear is nice looking but it is so bulky and heavy I feel like a toddler stuffed in a snowsuit. It's hard to bend my knees and elbows which is not the most conducive thing when climbing ladders or fighting fires. This new gear is uber high-tech and thinner and the manufacturer has a pattern for women. Our old gear had a tan turnout coat with black pants, and lime reflective striping. I loved the black pants but besides boiling in the summer they were a bit of a health hazard since you couldn't tell if you had any contaminants on you. This new gear will be all tan I believe. With our last names across the bum. I've got eleven letters in my name so somehow it's gonna have to fit cuz my arse isn't that wide. Not too sure how I feel about having my last name out there for all to see but most departments have that and it is a safety benefit.... when we're call geared up with our masks and hoods and breathing apparatus we look the same so it's good to know who you're standing beside.

I know I sound like a total girl ooohing and aaaahing over these new clothes but to get gear made to fit my body is such a bonus. Work is tough enough without having to fight against gear that is made for a man's shape. And when you wear the same uniforms day in and day out at work it's nice to have something new and shiny. Although after one house fire it won't be shiny any more. Can't wait!!!

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