Monday, April 20, 2009


I just stumbled upon this book. It was a castoff from a neighbour's garage sale. I don't describe myself as the happiest person alive. I am content and have a satisfying life but I am not Miss Little Suzy Sunshine. In fact, I am more on the grumpy side these days due to lack of rest/shower/time. So, figuring I could use a happy lesson, I decided to thumb through a few dozen things because who the heck has time to read, (let alone write!) 14, 000 things to be happy about?!
Some I could see making me happy due to their practicality like solar heating and homemade blueberry pancakes, Frank Sinatra Records, J & B Scotch.
Others were downright weird: sleeping gerbils? waxing floors? naugahyde? aluminum foil? tar shampoo?
But maybe the author has a point.... it's the million little things that add up to form the equation of happiness.... laughing children, a home-cooked meal, spring leaves.... But thank you anyway, I am still going to pass on the sleeping gerbils.


  1. I'm going to look for that book...
    sleeping gerbils? Nope. . . but who doesn't love sleeping babies? Things that make me happy:
    rain on a cottage roof, the smell of woodsmoke, eating fudge, foggy days, Bryan Ferry singing, smell of lilac and getting a clean bill of health from my doctor.

  2. sleeping babies and a clean bill of health.... Amen to that. xo