Friday, April 24, 2009

my love affair

I'm in trouble.

I'm in love with a guy named Ed. He has ruined me.

He opened up an ice cream parlour and I am finding it hard not to see him everyday. He taunts and teases me with melting batches of chocolate and hand made waffle cones I become weak at the knees. His ice creams are made from 100% all natural ingredients and makes 80 flavours like pumpkin pie, spicy chilli chocolate, creme brulee, raspberry white chocolate and green tea. And his gelato is to die for. Green apple is my fave... no... make that hazlenut... no... lemon..... see my problem?

I will never be able to seat ice cream without being a bit of a snob now.... Haagen Daaz and Ben and Jerry now seem so................... vanilla.

So my pocketbook and my waistline may suffer a bit this season...... but since I am breastfeeding I think I deserve the extra calories anyway. They say nursing requires you to consume an extra 500 calories a day so that is equivalent to an ice cream cone right?

I may have to nurse Maiya forever. ;)


  1. ahhh, i should meet Ed one of this days :-) and i am glad to not be living there since i might have to also breastfeed Ben forever!

  2. Aida, I'll have to add Ed to the Korean food to help 'sweeten' the deal. Triple scoop waffle cone? xo