Sunday, April 12, 2009

a moment of peace

I am pooped.

Weekends, especially long weekends, are always a bit crazy. Our routine somehow goes by the wayside. My husband is working again so I am on my own with the two kids. And because I would eventually regret selling them, I instead stick the baby in the Circle of Neglect and tell Jacob to go play with his trucks when things get chaotic and I need to catch my breath.

As you can see:

Maiya is happy.
Jacob is happier.(and creative!)
And me? I am happiest for I was able to have a moment to myself and pee in peace.


  1. Jacob did not do that???!!!!

  2. yup! lol..... those aren't even half the trucks he has.. .and did you notice his toolbox? The funniest is his moose with a diaper on that is on the very top.