Sunday, April 19, 2009

mirror, mirror

I wrote a few posts back about being criticized for wearing lipstick at work. I do have to admit that it's habit, but moreover, it's about my vanity... I'm spooky looking if I don't have a touch of make-up on. But if I look around at the guys on the fire department, a lot of them aren't strangers either to trying to look pretty. I have seen more than one bottle of Grecian Hair Formula for Men hiding out in the locker room. Many guys outright highlight or dye their hair. Some have gone as far as getting hair transplants. Unibrows are plucked, arms and chests waxed, teeth whitened, bodies bronzed a la tanning booth or bronzing lotion. A guy on my shift gets his shirts tailored so they taper at the waist to make him look slimmer. I think it's nice the guys want to look good. Except often they look so good they make me look bad. I really should add eyeliner and blush along with the lipstick.

I heard that we might get issued stationwear shorts for the summer. We'll look like the posties but at least we won't boil in the summer heat. So that means I will have to make sure my legs are shaved before heading off to work. But if I do happen to forget or simply just don't have the time, at least there will be plenty of Nair or leg wax lying around in the lockeroom.

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