Friday, May 1, 2009


I was stopped by a stranger today asking me if I was a nanny. I actually get that a lot. Maybe because I am Asian? Maybe because my children are mixed and they don't look like me?

I wasn't insulted... just bemused. This desperate man... a father... was on the hunt for a good nanny. And I guess I fit the bill. Believe me sir, I understand your pain. It is hard to find great caregivers these days. You hear the horror stories. And waitlists at good daycare facilities are so long mothers are putting in their names when their babies are still mere embryos.

I am fortunate that I was able to take the full year off for maternity leave with Jacob and have the opportunity to do so as well with Maiya. When Jacob turned two we enrolled him in a fantastic daycare because the social interaction is great for him. He has his friends, activities, bikes to ride...... it was the best thing we ever did and money well spent. Maiya will go too when she is older. So we don't need a nanny... plus it's just not our thing.

So, kind sir, I wish I could help you out. I really do. But I am no Maria, Mary Poppins, or Mrs. Doubtfire. And I'm not for hire.

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