Monday, May 25, 2009


I am so hot. Ok. That sounded really narcissistic. How about I am boiling to death. For someone who hates the heat, I find it ironic that I am a firefighter. Don't get me wrong, I love summer, but where I live it's the unbearable humidity and smog that I can't stand. It gets me all grumpy and well... sweaty. I don't mind purposeful sweat like when I am lifting a heavy load or because I am working out. But I hate sweating for the sake of sweating. I prefer fall and winter. I love woollens, boots, cool crisp air and winter means I get to wear my amauti. I posted a picture about it on March 25. Amautiit (plural for amauti) are very special to me. They are made only in the north of Canada, namely Nunavut and if you are lucky enough to find a seamstress who will custom make you one you will understand why I have this obsession with the beauty of the creation of their work and what it means to carry my children in them.

I am lucky to have tried and owned several.

You can see here how baby is carried deep in the pouch sewn in the back of the amauti, not the hood. Maiya is snug as a bug. I think she was 3 weeks old at the time.

And Jacob even was inspired this winter to fashion his own.

I just had this gorgeous one made for me recently:

But somehow in my mom haze I didn't think of how sticky hot it gets here and even though this one is made of linen I think I will be sadly selling it because frankly I don't want to drown my baby with my perspiration.

So this summer, I'll be using a simple piece of cloth to carry her around. Jacob was already a pro since he was old enough to walk:

And here's how Maiya hangs out with me when I need my hands free to do things. This cloth is lovely. It's made from woven cotton and hemp.

Not as pretty as the amauti but it will do the trick and Maiya and I will be cool as cucumbers.


  1. oh my, she definitely grown! can you wear her in a wrap back carry on your own? i still fumble a little with back carry with a wrap. if you are in Nunavut, you will be pretty happy. its still pretty cold here.

  2. Maiya is a baby who loves to be wrapped so will sit still and balanced while I wrap her. Jacob was more of a challenge (big surprise... lol! because he would wiggle) I can get her wrapped on my own in 2 seconds flat and she's usually asleep in minutes. The thing I love about wraps is that it doesn't change my centre of gravity because she is glued to me.