Sunday, May 31, 2009

another day at the fair

Another local public school had their Fun Fair and of course Jacob was ready to go. What was extra special about today was that my husband had the weekend off from work and got to take part in the festivities.

Jacob having a blast in the bouncy castle. I love, love, love this picture of him. It sums up exactly the exuberant little boy that he is.

Here are the school children playing in the steel drum band. It was fantastic. Jacob was mesmerized. Steel drum bands are one of my favourite sounds. They just put you in a good mood with its sounds of summer.

The local fire truck came for a visit and of course Jacob just had to inspect it even though he knows every truck inside and out. Here's a rare picture of me and both of the children in the same photo:

Jacob learning to skip. I didn't take a picture of him hula hooping because I was doing it along with him. ;)

And the ever easy-going Maiya just taking it all in happy as a clam.

Inside the school they had a bug and reptile exhibit that was so neat to see. There were free arts and crafts activities, folk music, tug of war, sack races, plastic fishing pond. And a great book sale where I snagged brand new hardcovers for 3 dollars.

The only damper of the day was my neighbour who thinks she is better than everyone else kept dissing this fair. Her daughter goes to a more 'upper crust' school and this neighbour said that this fair just can't compare to the one from her daughter's school. She kept complaining blah blah blah that I literally sat up from from where I was nursing Maiya and walked away giving her the cold shoulder although what I really wanted to do was give her a slap for being so ignorant. What kind of message does she think she is sending to her daughter? The irony is that her daughter seemed to be having a blast in the bouncy castle with Jacob. I guess it was ok for her to slum with him? I hate Moms that think certain socio-economic classes are beneath them. When will this neighbour understand that kids can be happy with the simplest of things. I can take Jacob to a wide open field with nothing but grass, birds and butterflies and he can amuse himself for hours. Some people just don't get it.

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