Tuesday, May 12, 2009

paleo diet?

Well, I've completely lost count what week I am in for CrossFit bootcamp. I have to say I am really loving it... it has given me a new lease on working out and it's making my body move in ways I never thought it could. I am feeling really strong and this method of training suits my needs for getting back to work on the trucks......


There is one big problem. Well, two, actually. I'm supposed to sleep nine to ten hours a night..... uh.... with a six month old and a toddler... that is so not happening... wish it would though.... The second problem is a biggie for me.

CrossFit advocates a Paleo diet. Basically a caveman diet which means no dairy (what? bye bye smoked gruyere, no yogurt? no ice cream?), no grains (no bread? no toast with butter? my beloved crepes? no Captain Crunch? no pasta?????), no rice (that one is killing me... I am Chinese after all!), no beans (my beloved tofu!), no dried fruit (how can I give up sharing a box of Sun-Maid raisins with my son? it's like a ritual in our home), no starchy root vegetables (bye bye my sweet, sweet potato). Just lots of protein coming from eggs, fish, seafood, or animals and lots of veggies. We eat really well at home as a rule and I can see where we can cut back on some packaged and processed foods but holy crap that diet requires discipline. I did it for a week and felt awesome but lost 3 lbs.... not something I want to do.... I actually want to bulk up a bit.... there's no room for Kate Moss on the trucks. This diet works for those who want to trim down because protein and veg is really low in calories. But I need and want my calories.... good calories. But I am also happy to indulge in a Pringle or three and have a scoop of gelato.

Oh well. I'm working out and getting really strong so that's what's important. Off to bed for me... The kids are up at six am so that leaves me... oh... about 7 hours of sleep but throw in a couple of nursings in there and a pee break or two and maybe I'll get six hours? Oh well....


  1. i cant never be on a diet like that!

  2. Me neither. I'm all about balance. So I just eat what I want provided it's healthy and indulge in a treat now and again. I don't do diets. Not good for my morale... lol