Monday, June 29, 2009

strike out

I'm pissed off at my city. There's always a strike going on: transit (crippling to a city of over 5 million people), the teachers (this only hurts the students and parents), or the taxi drivers (yeah, you're really going to get my sympathy the way most of you drive anyway). It's starting to get old. Right now it's the city workers that are striking... no garbage collection (hello vermin, rats and raccoons.. isn't this how the plague started?), parks are open if you like wading through knee high grass, pools are closed (perfect timing now that school is over), This one bugs me the most: all city-run daycare services are shut down. Now, what are hard-working parents supposed to do now? I say call one of the strikers to babysit... what are they doin anyway? Of course the irorny is the social services available to the drug addicts such as the needle exchange programs are up and running. But the Women's Resource Centre will be closed?

I, myself, am a union gal, But am not allowed to strike since the job I do is considered an essential service. But don't you think transit, garbage collection, and daycare are essential services as well?

Dear city workers, please give your head a shake. We are all struggling through this economy. Do not compromise the general public. If you are mad at the city, go stand and picket in front of the Mayor and his Councillor's lawns. I am sure theirs will be nicely mowed.

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