Wednesday, July 1, 2009

don't jinx me

I have this theory. That when I pour myself the most perfect hot cup of tea and get ready to sit down to read last Saturday's paper (yes, I am always at least a week behind), inevitably the baby will wake up or the doorbell will ring or some telemarketer will call.

Same thing goes when you have a perfect meal ready at the firehouse, inevitably the alarm will sound and we're rushing off to a call. Of course the meal will be there when we get back (that is if the stand-by crew hasn't poked, sniffed and prodded at it or snuck in a bite or three) but it's not the same when you have to nuke it and wolf it down before the next call comes. It's worse when you're in the midst of making a meal.... remembering to shut off the stove is a good move but even then meals are often ruined upon return..... boiled pasta sitting in a pot for hours is about as appetizing as wallpaper paste, and chicken is either bone dry or raw... which of course no one wants to eat because salmonella isn't our friend. The record for my crew for meal interruptus is five calls.... We sat down to eat at 6 pm and it was close to 11 by the time we could eat. I have learned since then to carry some power bars in my bunker gear.

I know firefighters often come under criticism for sounding like spoiled babies about a missed or ruined meal but just like in a nuclear family, sitting down to break bread is important for bonding, sharing a story or a joke and just unwinding. And it gives a great opportunity for the rookies to shine and fit in.... if they can cook, bonus points... if they can't, dish duty is always welcome.

So, I am going to start and hopefully finish my cup of tea right now.... let's hope my theory proves incorrect and Maiya stays asleep.

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