Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I see London, I see France

Underwear seems to be a bit of a topic here at home as of late. Ever since Jacob was out of diapers we have made it a point to get him some really cool underwear. We started of course with fire truck and jeep underwear and now he is onto Bob the Builder and Spiderman. He gets picky about which one he'll put on and heaven help us if that particular one is in the wash. Sometimes he'll insist on putting his underwear on backwards because he wants the Spiderman logo that is on the butt part of the underwear on the front where he can see it. The underwear fits kinda weird but who am I to argue?

I understand his pickiness. When I go to work I have a certain set of underwear that I wear. Cotton for sure and it has to be super duper comfy of course. And no weird colours or patterns... because ya never know when you'll get into an accident and the fire department shows up... lol. When I was a rookie I made the mistake of wearing a stupid thong because I hadn't done the laundry and that was all I had left to wear. It was either that or lace but I'd rather deal with buttfloss than lace chafe but neither were a good choice. Believe me, trying to do CPR on someone while dealing with uncomfy gitch is a bit unsettling.... trying to climb a ladder in bunker gear with a charged hoseline on your shoulder is like trying to get an itch you can't scratch. No more thongs for me... on or off the job. I'm a Fruit of the Loom kinda gal.

And now I make sure I do the laundry at least a couple of times a week and I buy my underwear in bulk.

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