Saturday, June 27, 2009


I cannot believe how full my days are. The days are passing by so quickly that by the time evening comes around I am too pooped to blog. My children, I swear, are a mischievous tag team duo who are plotting to get the better of me. Maiya used to sleep in till 8 am and Jacob while Jacob would be up at 6. Now it is Maiya who is the early bird up at 6 and Jacob will sleep in till 8:30 and sometimes 9.

I lost Maiya last night. We co-sleep in the same bed and usually she is snuggled up right against me but I woke up in the middle of the night to find the bed devoid of my baby. I panicked for a second because I found her crawling around the bedroom floor exploring and having a great ol' time. She must have crawled or fallen out of bed. Luckily our mattress is right on the floor. We are going to be putting her in the crib from now on. Which will be interesting because we haven't even used our crib since it was given to us for Jacob. I suspect she won't love it since she is used to being spooned.

Again, it is bittersweet seeing her move on to this next step. She can pull herself up to stand and crawl lightning fast. Yet can't sit. I think it is because she chooses not to sit because she would rather be crawling to find the next toy to put in her mouth. I can't turn my back on her for a second. Gone are those days where I could put her down, and she would be lying in the exact same place a minute later. Now the challenge begins keeping two little monkeys in check.... I am running off my feet. It feels that as I get older, the kids are getting faster and smarter and naughtier. Thankfully it will be a few years yet before they are teenagers... then the real fun will begin.

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