Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It is bittersweet watching my children grow up all too quickly. I loved carrying them in my belly and birthing them in our home was gentle and the most profound thing I have ever done. I look back at photos of both Jacob and Maiya when they were mewling newborns and already I cannot believe how much they have come into their own. Jacob continues to amaze me on a daily basis with his wit and reasoning which he must get from my husband. He is a monkey, a prince, an astronaut in training.
He is my son. And my Jacob the Brave. And it blows my mind how much love I can hold for a little boy who is yet three years old. I wish I could live as honestly and simply and in the moment as he does. And after a day full of play and imagination, drift off to a gentle sleep without a worry in the world.

Maiya is already a princess warrior with her feisty personality. Although she is two years younger than her brother, she wants to do everything that he does already. They fight over the same toys which is funny to watch because I don't know who hollers louder... Jacob gets pretty vocal but Maiya sounds like a teradactyl... and I end up having to step in but trying to pry a toy out of Maiya's hands is like untangling something from a python. She can be so dainty yet so tough at the same time. Still, I cannot imagine an easier baby to take care of. I trek her all around town wearing her in a carrier on my back and she takes in the sights with avid curiosity and without complaint. And when she's tired she just dozes back there. She has been cutting more teeth all week but not a peep out of her. I have heard her cry only a handful of times since she's been born. She is my dream girl and the extension of this mother's heart.

Look at her posing and showing off her baby bling... and how can you stand those toes!?

....and she's off and running... well... crawling but she's fast! later gator! xo

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