Saturday, June 20, 2009

uh... you're kidding me right?

I just found out that bodybuilders are in the market for pumped breastmilk for the natural human growth hormones and all the antibodies that are in it. Ok. Deep breat. Because I feel a rant coming on.

I am being polite when I say bodybuilding is downright weird to begin with and I don't quite understand the point of it all.... the steroids, the creepy should never, ever EVER wear bikini bottoms.... I am not sure how they call it a sport because they are not athletes. I doubt they could climb a ladder or hop over a fence or even play hopscotch with their kids. To quote Coach Mark Rippetoe: 'Bodybuilding is men on a stage in their underwear wearing brown paint showing other men their muscles. It is training for appearance only, and at the contest level requires a degree of vanity, narcissism, and self-absorption that I find distasteful and odd.' Amen. Shame on you bodybuilders for even entertaining the thought of taking milk out of the mouths of babes. You might be able to bench whatever the heck weight you bench and your biceps might be as big as my waist but your muscle matter is interfering with your grey matter. Dear bodybuilder, your lumbering gorilla walk and fake and bake tan aside, you ain't ever getting my milk.... you'd have to catch me first but I doubt you could outrun this mama bear.

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