Tuesday, June 23, 2009

bug bait


My husband just called from work saying that for his summer vacation coming up he would like to go camping. In the past I would have already pulled out all our camping gear and plotted which backwoods trail to take but it's different now. We have children which would mean no day long hike into the forest to find the most secluded camping spot. Instead we would have to car camp at one of those campsites where you're like 2 feet from your neighbour. Now I know the kids would be fine but I am not sure how I'd survive. It would be at least a 2 hour drive with tons of packing and meal planning and how the heck do I wash Maiya's cloth diapers? I know I could buy disposable diapers but if we're out convening with nature isn't it kind of blasphemous to be using a disposable diaper that is already clogging up all our landfills? And I can see Jacob finding the most perfect patch of poison ivy to jump around in and juicy Maiya being the perfect bug bait for black flies and mosquitoes. Or be a tasty snack for a dingo. And I can't risk losing Jacob down an outhouse hole.

I'm going to think about it because I know my husband and Jacob would have a blast playing on the beach, canoeing, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows on the campfire, snuggling down into sleeping bags in the tent, counting shooting stars. Hmmmmm... maybe we should go after all... I'll just drop them off and Maiya and I will head to the nearest bed and breakfast and pick them up when they're done.

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