Monday, June 8, 2009

from C to A

My new Platoon Chief called today and it looks like I will be switching platoons (from C shift to A shift) upon my return from mat leave. My neighbour works on A shift so it kinda made sense for me to switch because we are both one car families and we can share in the commute. I am excited which surprises me because normally I am terribly resistant to change. I'll be at the same station so I'll see my old crew some days at shift change. My new A shift crew is super nice and it will be nice to see some new faces on the other trucks. I suppose I should go make a huge batch of fudge brownies for my old shift because they are going to be a bit pissed at me for switching camps but I think it's my baking they will miss more than my smiley face. They have been hopelessly devoid of crepes, oatmeal cookies, brownies and apple crisp since I've been off. But I am sure their waistlines are thankful that I am gone.

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