Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

It took quite a bit of convincing on my part to get my husband onto the idea of having children. He didn't want them. Not then, not ever. And although I wanted children, I wasn't sure that I wanted children... our lives were pretty idyllic with downtown loft living, lots of international travel, backwoods camping trips on a whim, fancy restaurants, and most of all, staying up all night reading a book or watching movies and sleeping in as late as we wanted. But then my clock started to tick. And so we had Jacob. And my husband fell in love with his boy. And along came Maiya and of course this little baby girl has her daddy wrapped around his heart strings. And right after she was born I was in maternal bliss and wanted a third baby right away. And my husband agreed. Because he is crazy. Because he loves me. And even though my husband never wanted children, I have to say he makes a great father. He forges ahead patiently with feedings and diaper changes and invents games to play with Jacob and he is the gentlest of souls with Maiya. And he arranges his schedule to give me personal time. Thankfully that urge for a third baby passed and our family feels perfect, complete, and balanced. I may, years from now, wish I had more children but life is for the living now and with two children we can give them all the time and attention they need and still feel like a somewhat normal married couple. So Happy Father's day. Thanks for giving me such happy, beautiful and extraordinary children.
Sorry you couldn't sleep in though... ;)

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