Sunday, January 31, 2010

rogue workout

As some of you may know, I am in the process of sneaking some fab new workout equipment into the firehouse. I say 'sneaking' because technically, I'm not allowed to bring in any equipment that has not been approved. Guess they're worried about us getting hurt or something. Each station is provided with the standard universal gym machine but I find the workouts limiting. I like my body to be the machine that moves the weights... not the other way around. Each station also has a recumbent bike but my arse goes numb after 10 minutes. So I'm being a rebel and I'm bringing in some cross training equipment and not a rock climbing wall so I think I'll be ok. So far I've brought in dumbells and a skip rope and someone brought in a heavy bag and some gloves. Figuring I might as well do this right, I just bought a set of gymnastic rings, a 20 kg kettle bell and a weighted vest from ExtremeKettlebell (The best prices and the best customer service I have come across in a long time). I'd love to get an Olympic lift bar and a set of bumper plates but I can't really hide that stuff in my locker so I'll have to save those lifts for when I'm at the gym. I'm trying to convince one of the guys to build a 24 inch plyo box and pass that off as a fancy stool if we ever get 'inspected'... lol ...... and if it's quiet at the station this weekend I may try to make my own 20 lb medicine ball out of a basketball and some sand... although I have images of the ball exploding because I haven't sealed it properly so I might just suck it up and buy a real one. I still think it's funny that I have to be so rogue about staying fit at work. I figure if we're gonna work out at work... we might as well do it right.

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