Thursday, January 21, 2010


I always tell people that when it comes to my job, I feel like I've won the lottery. The salary and benefits are good. I don't have to worry about buying a wardrobe for work since my clothing from uniforms to boots are provided, and I work 7 days a month (albeit it still comes to 48 hours a week). But the true wealth that comes with being a firefighter is the personal growth I get by being in constant contact with people.... whether it be my crew or the public. I like the unknown, the immediacy and the urgency. I like the heavy machinery and the tools and the trucks, and the power of a roaring housefire. But I also love the delicate nuances of handling a tricky trauma call... palpating, opening an airway, finding a barely-there heartbeat and wiping away a tear of a frightened patient. This job brings out the best in me and makes me feel like I have something to offer from my heart to a total unknown stranger. There are days as a mother that I do things because I have to... even though I don't want to... like discipline, and dishes, and the other not so fun stuff that comes with the responsibility of being a parent. But firefighting, no matter how dirty the call, I approach with enthusiasm. I'm not sure why. But I can say this for sure is that I grew up when I became a firefighter but I wasn't an adult until I had my babies. It was a lot simpler when I was just a firefighter but it's a lot more fun being a firemama. There are days that I struggle through the fatigue but I wouldn't trade where I am right now for anything in the world. Except maybe more sleep. ;)

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