Friday, January 1, 2010


I have a hangover today.

Not from drink though. From work. I had forgotten how my body feels after a shift. It used to be I could come home from work, grab a hot shower and some breakfast, and crash. Not anymore with children to look after. :) It was sweet coming home to see that my husband (who doesn't cook at all) had breakfast made and the kids were sitting nicely at the table eating. I almost expected them to all be crying because mommy was away but nope, they were great. My husband said Maiya fell asleep in bed with him and didn't make a peep all night and Jacob didn't get into any mischief. It reinforces my theory that they save their naughtiness for moi.

Despite how tired my bones are I am still enjoying the busy-ness of our lives. Between the children and our jobs and the constant juggling it takes to run a household and me trying to get a killer workout in (even if it means I don't hit the gym till 9 pm!) this is such a short period of time... a tiny blip in the radar of life... short.. but intense. I register Jacob for kindergarten next week and Maiya will be starting daycare in a few months. So I am just going to push through the tired until I get some breathing room to do nothing but sit on the couch all day if I so choose. Or maybe even get to go on a date with my husband. Although the last time I went on a date with him I got pregnant with Maiya. So maybe not a date-date.... but dinner just the two of us would be smashing.

Goodness, I am tired.
But it's a happy tired.

Counting the hours till bedtime. :)

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