Friday, January 8, 2010

ode to crossfit

I'm at work right now so I'm regurgitating a post I wrote for a Crossfit website on why and how I found this new 'religion'....

Crossfit… where ya been all my life?

I became a professional firefighter right after 9/11 and staying in shape and keeping up with the boys was paramount. Somehow I managed to stay strong by sheer stubbornness although I was highly untrained in the techniques of how to lift weights properly. In my quest to get and stay strong, I joined almost every gym out there and tried different workout routines only to find out that I didn”t have the Lululemons for Pilate’s, the zen for yoga, and because of my shift-work, I was never reliable enough to make it out to team sports. I thought I could keep up with my 70 year old marathon running father but nope… every time I trained, I was bored after the first 10k. I knew I was in trouble when I joined a swanky gym because it had a spa-like locker room with a sauna and hot tub. I was paying a fortune for towel service and a shower? I hated the posers and the mirrors and the idea that it mattered more what you looked like on the outside than how you felt on the inside. Finally, after having had 2 children and thus very little spare time, I needed something else…. the elliptical machine at said gym with the mini TV in front of it wasn’t cutting it. I was sick of working out watching Oprah reruns. And I was starting to panic because I was trying to figure out a way to get back onto the firetrucks in fighting form once my maternity leave was over. Five months postpartum with my second baby, someone recommended CrossFit to me. I was a bit skeptical thinking that it was just another one of those gyms full of guys on ‘roids with shaved chests…. until I walked in and then the light bulb went off in my head like an epiphany… and I was intrigued on how to decipher and understand Fran, and all those names on the white board.

My favourite workouts are the ones that have me in a panic right before the stopwatch starts. I love them because once it’s over I’m sooooooo relieved and happy. I have always loved things that scare me, forcing me to face my fears head on. I’m terrified of snatches and push jerks or any heavy weight over my body or head. But a wise firefighter once told me when I was a rookie to make my weaknesses my strength which motivates me to train harder.

CrossFit has become my haven and my refuge. During that one hour, it’s all about me and my sweat and nothing else. I am grateful to my Crossfit 'tribe' who push me because they know I can be pushed and have made me see that the possibilities in my training are limitless. And let's face it... Crossfitters are just so damn cool

Most importantly, I believe CrossFit has made me a better mother. Despite the intensity of the workouts, I have more energy and feel stronger, happier, and more motivated than I have been in years. My family is eating better which is paramount since my children are in their formational years and it is setting up the groundwork for their eating habits in years to come.

I am turning 40 this year and I am in better shape than I was 20 years ago. What’s that old saying? At 20 you have the body you’re born with, at 40 you have the body you deserve. CrossFit is hard work. But I’m not a gal who is afraid of a little blood, sweat and tears. Ok, maybe I am a little afraid of Daniel.

Bring it on. xo

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