Thursday, January 7, 2010

good lord woman!

During a ridiculously sleepless night that resulted in channel surfing, I came across a show about the Duggars.

All I can say is... holy crap Mama Duggar. That's a lot of bambinos. I have merely two children and I wish I could look that perky, relaxed and calm. And you're only a few years older than I am. My children, although clean, aren't as neatly groomed and yours. And my home is nowhere near as tidy! I couldn't even fathom trying to homeschool. I'm impressed.

My hats off to you Mama Duggar. Oh, and I apologize for swearing earlier in this post. There is nothing really holy about crap. You are a superwoman for running that household and looking so un-tired. There are days in my household when preparing dinner is so overwhelming that I scream 'I give!' and my husband knows to order a pizza. And when Jacob is jumping around like a kangaroo on caffeine that I'd like to send him off to camp for a week or three. And when Maiya has somehow managed to climb up onto the dining table for the umpteenth time and I have to dash across the room before she decides to do a swan dive backwards on her head. And when my husband gives me 'the look' I give him my look back that says 'not tonight... you've got to be kidding me' . And we convince ourselves that we're not exhausted but the bags under our eyes and our dishevelled look gives us away.

Maybe I need to believe in Jesus more.... I'm in if it helps keep me sane.


  1. If you like being fit check it out:

    Another resource for your taking!

  2. awesome! thanks for the link... Ialways love adding workouts to the arsenal

  3. you are hilarious! i know eh..i am not sure if she is crazy or just very very calm. but coming from a big family, i know the older ones do most of the work too.

  4. .... maybe neither crazy nor calm but perhaps medicated?