Wednesday, January 27, 2010

amauti love

I have a bit of a problem so it seems. I am addicted to beautiful and practical things. It began when I was looking for a way to run around town with an infant Jacob without being encumbered by a stroller. As such, I discovered the amauti. And I have amassed quite a collection. Four to be exact. But they are all different colours and reflect different regional styles. Because I know the amount of painstaking work and skill that Inuit seamstresses put into each garment, (even the ties are handwoven) they are all the more cherished to me. Some people collect art... I collect amautiit. :) Maiya had outgrown the pouch of the amauti that was made the autumn she was born so what's a girl to do? Get a new one of course ;) This new one is so 'me'. And I added a fox fur detachable trim around the hood and I love, love, love wearing this amauti. Maiya loves it too and will go find the coat and drag it over to me to indicate that she wants to go outside. When she's in it she is lulled to sleep by the movement of my steps. What I adore is how intimate it is to carry my little one against my back. I can feel her every movement, breath, and sigh... and I maintain a type of contact with her that you don't get from pushing a stroller. The one that she has outgrown I will have it altered to become a regular parka. Anyway, here we are..... sans snow unfortunately (I know, I know, most people hate the fact that I love a good snowstorm).

And here is a close-up of the hand-woven ties from Pang. If you are looking for a unique gift this is a lovely place to shop from.

And last but not least, newborn Maiya in the amauti she outgrew all too quickly last winter. I will have the amauti altered into a regular parka and add fur around the hood too.

Anyway, this post is for you Aida! Don't worry, that's it for my collection.... and I will be selling one as soon as my all-too-short babywearing days are over. The rest I will be keeping for Maiya to carry her babies in. xo


  1. You will have to tell me all the details of where to get them and how to use them when the time (hopefully) eventually comes for me to have some little beans! So beautiful!

  2. Absolutely! There is a seamstress in Nunavut that makes them for me...... she is amazing. xo

  3. that black one is new?? i love it! but yes, you do collect

  4. Beautiful! Would you be able to disclose where I may purchase an amauti of my own?