Monday, July 20, 2009


There are some emergency buffs who have their own scanners and as such can listen to the myriad of police/fire/ambulance calls going on at any given moment. As long as you're tapped into the right frequency you can hear an emergency call play out as it happens. Newspeople and tow-truck drivers use the scanner to get the information they need, show up, and often make nuisances of themselves but that's another post for another day. Apart from pegging our call location, if you know the codespeak and chatter on the radio, you can get a great 'visual' of what is going on. Everyone knows what 'Roger' means. But some of the more 'colourful' codes would be 'code blue' (suicide), 'code red' (police required), 'code pink' (child/infant vsa (vital signs absent)), 'code orange' (communicable disease) but the one a crewmate will often consider a dire personal emergency is 'code brown' as explained here in a previous post. I hope to never encounter that code in my career although I have come too close for comfort on one or two occaisions.

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