Tuesday, July 28, 2009

free runners

I spend my time these days protecting my children from themselves. They are fearless. And I am running ragged... lol.... I need an extra set of eyes on the back of my head and at least 2 or even 4 more arms to keep my children out of harm's way. Jacob thinks he can fly and is constantly jumping off of things. His latest thing is jumping from halfway down the stairs which is about 4 steps and somehow, he always lands on his feet. Still, my heart stops a moment as he flies through the air and I feel a brief sense of panic until both his feet are firmly planted on the ground until the next moment he takes off in flight. I do not want to practice my medical skills at home. Somersaults, handstands, headstands, banister sliding, bike skidding, wheelies, curb hopping.... all in a day's work for J.

Maiya seems to be following in her big brother's footsteps. She wants to dive headfirst into a full bathtub or off the couch. She can squeeze herself into the smallest of spaces. She thinks it's hilarious to stand in bed holding the wall and fling herself backwards... fine on our cushy mattress but not so much on the hardwood floor. And EVERYTHING goes into her mouth. Maiya explores the world by tasting everything... be it the morning paper, Daddy's icky sock that he hasn't picked up, and of course, Jacob's toys which we have to be so diligent about making sure the pieces aren't small enough to choke on. And if she can't find something to teethe on, heaven help you if you're sitting next to you... she'll make small work of your shoulder or arm.... a parental hazard I never took into account before. She takes great delight in leaping and flinging and rolling and commando crawling under furniture when she can't get over it or divebombing on top, when she can.

Sigh... this is a glimpse into my children's future. I am glad my job has good medical benefits.

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