Sunday, July 12, 2009

get outta town

I was thinking of yesterday's post and it got me contemplating other strange calls I've had......

There was the call that involved another car accident... nothing serious, just a fender bender but the impact was enough that the car was a write off although thankfully no one was hurt. The fella involved in the accident actually worked for our department and he was in the process of moving some of belongings to his new home.

He wasn't grateful to see us. He had this look of mortification on his face. When I took a closer look at the scene I realized why..... amongst his worldly possessions that were strewn everywhere due to the collision, there were dozens and dozens of porn magazines now scattering like tumbleweeds across the road.

This goes to show you that the old saying of 'make sure you wear clean underwear in case the fire department comes' applies. And this poor fella has never been able to look me in the eye ever since.

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