Saturday, July 11, 2009


I like the outsides of people better than their insides.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a superficial person but rather I do not want to see what was the previous meal they've eaten. Or what nerve endings look like or the texture of tendons and ligaments. I could never be a surgeon... like I said, I like people's outsides better than their insides. But at work unfortunately there are bad days with bad calls when I see stuff that make horror movies look tame.

One of the freakiest calls I attended was a car accident involving a family. As we pulled up there was red goo everywhere...on the victims, inside the windshield, on the road.... Needless to say, we were bracing ourselves for the worst. Because I was on the medical rotation that day I approached the victims first with all my my protective gear on including nitrile gloves, safety glasses.... and giving a silent thank-you that my boots go up to nearly my knees because I knew I would be wading through guts. When I finally got close enough to assess the situation, I started to laugh much to the dismay of my crew. The family in the car was shaken up but perfectly fine. What I thought at first to be blood and guts plastered everywhere was instead a huge tray of lasagna that they were bringing to a family reunion potluck. The force of the collision caused it to spew everywhere.

Happily the lasagna was the only fatality that day. Some of the firemen though were mourning over the loss and waste of that good food.

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