Sunday, July 5, 2009

how did I miss this?

For those of you who know me, I hate clutter. It puts me in a wickedly bad mood. I am quick to ditch things that are no longer used, or needed. I go through my clothes at least 4 times a year and get rid of what I don't wear on a regular basis. A magazine might last a day or two here before it hits the recycling bin. Novels are donated soon as I am done. My cookbooks have been a bit of a conundrum. The pretty pictures inspire me to cook something nutritious and interesting but they take up space and end up all ratty looking since they get thumbed through whilst cooking so inevitably a splash of sauce will make the pages smudgy.....

I know I am going to sound like I've been living under a rock all these years but I have just discovered the world of free recipes on the internet. I can google any recipe my heart and tummy desires and up will pop at least a dozen to choose from. I can bookmark the page on my laptop and cook merrily away. No muss no fuss no books to clutter.... and free to boot! There's a saying at the firehall that cheapskates have alligator arms cuz they're too short to reach into their pockets... but hey..... I might be penny pinching when it comes to cookbooks but think of all the trees being saved.

I'm pretty stoked.... I've found all these recipes that are crazy healthy but taste decadent and my family doesn't know the difference... ha ha! I can hide zucchini in a chocolate loaf, make uber healthy flourless and low glycemic banana bread and carrot cake..... and this crazy high fibre foccacia bread that even my picky eater husband says tastes great.... it's all in the toppings...
Tomorrow I'll be baking with Jacob and it's nice to know that he'll be eating veggies in his cake instead of those gross chemical pies that are found in grocery stores that relatives are so quick to bring over. I hate to sound wasteful but they go straight in the rubbish bin... have you seen the ingredients in them?

I can't believe how my culinary skills have improved with the help of internet..... now I'm off to search some meals to make for the guys at the firehall.... gotta make an impression for when I get back... :)

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