Wednesday, July 8, 2009

hammer away

I bought the most exquisite doll house with all the furniture and little people and the trimmings. I never had one as a child so I thought I'd indulge myself under the guise that it is a gift for the children. Right now Maiya is enthralled but she's more like a baby godzilla descending on the little people as she grabs them and shakes them and jams them in her mouth. I thought Jacob would enjoy it making up stories and role playing but nope.... he is more interested in taking it apart and hammering it and putting it back together and hammering it. I made the mistake of buying a tool set and now he thinks he's Bob the Builder and just wants to fix everything. Anything he can get ahold of he wants to deconstruct. As annoying as it is sometimes, I kind of understand where he is coming from..... one of the funnest aspects of firefighting is smashing things. Tearing ceilings down with a pike pole is my idea of fun. So is giving the boots to a basement window, cutting through a roof to ventilate, and hosing down everything till it turns into a big pile of mush. Cutting apart a car is pretty high on the fun list too. Pry bars, crow bars, bolt cutters, jaws of life, chainsaws, all lots of fun. But at home, where I cherish my peace and quiet when I can get it, a toy hammer is no fun at all.

I have tried many times to hide that darn hammer from Jacob but nope, he keeps it on his belt loop or ties it to the handlebars of his tricycle. Some kids have security blankets. Ol' Jacob has a hammer.

Sigh... give the boy a hammer.... all the world's a nail. I think my next investment will be a set of earplugs.

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