Sunday, March 28, 2010

trainin' and gainin'

I am not a tomboy, nor am I a girly-girl. That is not to say I don't like a great pair of heels or a fabulous shoulder bag and a rockin' pair of Levi's... but I don't spend a whole lotta time worrying about the latest trends or fashions. Besides, I wear a uniform to work and to me, that's my favourite style. :) I hate the waif-I-so-need-a-sandwich look, and girls who starve themselves to squeeze into last year's skinny jeans bore me terribly. I like health and healthy bodies and curves belong on women. Muscle mass trumps skin and bones. Diets ain't for me. And what is right for me at the moment is to add another three to 8 pounds to my frame. A lot of people think I'm nuts but I love having the heft and the weight behind me in my job. When I was hired, I was 155 lbs on my 5'7 frame. For some weird metabolic reason when I was nursing my children, my weight dwindled down to 136. I've been able to get my weight back up to 147 now and I'm smiling. I'll take an Amazon woman body over Kate Moss' anyday.

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