Friday, March 26, 2010

baby blues

Perhaps it's the fatigue talking but I was feeling sad this morning when I came off shift. I saw a squishy newborn and I was a bit teary that I am done with having babies. Cerebrally I have that Hallelujah grin that we are done but there is that emotional part of me that feels a loss even though we have two perfect children. I know this is normal and in a few hours after I get some sleep I'll get over that feeling because really a third child would tip the scales and hubby has already been snipped. Plus with Jacob and Maiya, even though my life is totally off-kilter some days, I have never felt more balanced and grounded. The thought of doing the breastfeeding/diapering/mat leave thing again is enough to snap me back into reality. I am enjoying them more and more as they get older. Two's a charm and I count my little blessings daily. xo

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