Friday, March 12, 2010

honeymoon's over

Well, I dropped the kids off at daycare this morning and Maiya's little squishy chubby cheeked face crumpled into tears. She's caught a bit of a cold so she's not feeling all too great so I think that had something to do with it. Everytime I went to leave she'd cling to my leg and she would make that face. And my heart would start breaking. Then....

Enter Jacob.

Thank God for big brothers. Jacob came swaggering in from the room next door and sat down with her and shared his snack so she was fine. It's always heartwarming seeing how he takes care of her. Because it is heartwrenching for me to see my baby cry. But alas, as my husband says, a little bit of challenge and adversity is necessary for children. It's good for children to learn some life and coping skills, even at this early age. Maiya and Jacob are surrounded by love at daycare and it is good for them to know that love also comes from other people outside the family circle. I know my children don't lead the most normal life with their mother working shift going days without seeing them. I miss out on some weekends and holidays. But it is the life we have and like I said, they are surrounded by loving people when I'm not around. And frankly it is the only life they know and I think they are doing just fine. It's me that usually has the tougher time of it.

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