Sunday, August 16, 2009

tears of joy

I was thinking of some more calls with 'happy endings' and this one came to mind:

My midwife has delivered more than three thousand babies and counting, two of which, included my babes. She told me about one homebirth that was particularly memorable. She had called 911 because she was concerned that the baby's heartrate was dropping and wanted an ambulance on standby for the birth in case they needed to transport. The firefighters arrived first just as the baby was being born. Baby was perfectly fine and the mother, who was an opera singer, cradled the baby immediately to her chest and started singing Ave Maria to her new babe.... at which point the firemen broke down in tears. I have never attended a birth apart from my own and when they were born I didn't cry....... I literally laughed out loud because I was just so happy. But I think I would have seriously needed a box of tissues if I had attended that call because newborns, Ave Maria and happy endings are worth a tear or two.

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