Saturday, August 8, 2009

circle of friends.

I was busy in the kitchen making breakfast and told Jacob to play nioely with Maiya. I figured I would have about 5 mintues worth of peace before I would have to split them up. Maiya likes knocking down J's forts and eating his Lego men. So usually there is quite a bit of hollering going on when they play. Jacob understands the meaning of 'share' but it gets frustrating for him at times when his little sis is eating everything of his. Thankfully, they let me get a meal ready and this is how they played for 20 minutes without a peep:

Gotta love how big bro penned his sister in with his circle of trucks. Too bad Maiya still doesn't get that cars are not for eating. That girl's got an appetite.... she'd chew your leg off if she could... lol

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