Saturday, August 22, 2009

parallel world

I was whining to a friend about having to go home to cook and clean. And he commented on how was that any different from the firehall. He had a point. And he made me laugh which is always good. We do cook and clean at work. And why I find it therapeutic at work and not at home I don't really know. Perhaps because at home I get interrupted a million times by the children. But then again we get interrupted at work with calls but hey, it's different. Putting out fires at work is one thing. Putting out fires at home when the kids' are fighting is another. We do however, get to sleep at work... a bonus because there aren't many jobs where you can do that but then again, it's 24 hour shift so a bit of shut-eye help. The sleep is interrupted of course when the squawk box goes off, just like sleep at home gets interrupted when Maiya starts her squawk for a midnight nursing.

I can't say though which world I love better. I have 2 families really. and I love both of them both albeit differently and am glad I can shape shift between the two.


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