Monday, August 17, 2009

keeping cool

I've had a miserable grumpy day. I can't think straight. It's hot in the city... like 40 degrees with the humidity and smog and I just want to cry it's so sticky and muggy and humid. Maiya is sliding out of my arms from my sweat so she's grumpy too. My friends boo me when I talk with longing about the first frost. I love the fall. No ragweed, no mosquitoes. I can't figure out why the heat at work doesn't bug me... I've been in some housefires where the temp has hovered around 800 degrees and although a bit warm I'm perfectly ok and functional albeit I do have bunker gear on to keep me from vaporizing. But here at home, I am a puddle of useless mess. I had to get my husband to get take-out for dinner tonight because just the thought of turning on the stove was getting me worked up.
I don't actually mind the heat if I'm sitting on a patio at some cool bar sipping a Corona but those days are long gone.

Jacob has the right idea. While I hid out at my parents with their central air conditioning Jacob had a blast in their backyard staying cool..... I should really join him next time

God he's cute. xo That's what I love about him. He knows how to make lemonade out of lemons.

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