Tuesday, August 4, 2009

picture perfect day

On Saturdays I try to do something with just Jacob. No Maiya. No Daddy. Just us doing our own thing. Since J has been usurped from his position as an only child I am trying to give him some time where he gets to explore and do new things with me. Often he will ask for something as simple as riding the streetcar from point A to point B because he adores public transit. Or he will ask to bake a cake. Paleo of course. Or we'll go to the mall to kick around.

This past weekend we trekked down to the lakefront to join in on a CrossFit beach workout. I discovered CrossFit earlier this year and it has been the perfect way for me to get back in shape after having had 2 children. And as I've posted before, it is getting me ready to get back on the trucks in fighting form.

Someone took this picture at said beach workout:

What I love most about this picture is Jacob squatting and watching so attentively. He is not a child that likes to sit still and the fact that he stayed put for almost an hour impressed me. Check out my chalk white legs (talk about pale-eo.... eeek) and my workout clothes from the previous decade... lol.... working out for me isn't a fashion show and I'm not a gal, like my son, who likes to sit still long enough to catch a suntan. But after seeing that pic... maybe I need to slow down a bit and catch some rays...

After that workout, I spent the rest of the day with Jacob, eating a paleo picnic on the beach and building sandcastles and roads for his toy bulldozers and covering our legs with sand. It was a picture perfect day. I can still hear him giggle. I don't know exactly who took that photo but thank you, it will be a nice reminder of the fantastic day we had in years to come. xo

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