Tuesday, August 25, 2009

family circus

I hate TV commercials and Hallmark calls. They sell you the idea of babies falling asleep happily and on schedule in their crib. They delude you into the romantic notion that your parenthood woes can be wiped away with the newest formula of Oxyclean bleach. Oil of Olay, can you wipe away the wrinkly brow furrows and the bags under my eyes?

Couples who pine for a squishy newborn: want to know the real truth on what it is to raise children? Step into our home. Price of admission is free to see our circus which is great because you will need to save every penny... children are not cheap.

June Cleaver I am not. Nor would I want to be... why put that kind of pressure on myself? I sleep in my track pants and tank top so I'm already dressed and ready in the morning. Same goes for my children. After their bath, and before bed, they're in their t-shirt that they'll be wearing the morrow. My soccer mom hair is tucked under the requisite ball-cap.. hey... can't wash it everyday anymore. My teeth do get brushed albeit often not until noon. My high heels have been replaced by Birkenstocks but don't worry.... I still shave my legs.

Our once uber cool loft is now a cluttered landmine of toys and mismatched shoes and socks, facecloths, and diaper wipes. Be careful where you step. It might be into a wayward bowl of smushed sweet potatoes that went overboard from the highchair.

Quiet dinners with my husband are long gone. I am usually seen wolfing down my meals standing over the kitchen counter as I dole out meals to my family like a cafeteria marm. And bedroom life... how do we even keep our eyes open? Children can definitely be a killjoy for couples and it is of no surprise that many couples end up getting divorced but for us, despite the chaos, our children have brought us closer together. We have less 'us' time but it'll come soon... like in fifteen years or so when they get to college. Hopefully by then Jacob won't be running around the house with his underwear on his head just because he thinks it's so hysterical.

I could go on, but all in all, despite the lack of sleep (look how tired my poor husband is) and the clutter and the chaos and the mess that children bring, of course it's all so worth it. And they are pretty darn cute. So I think I'll keep them for now.

g'night.... mornings come quick around here.

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