Thursday, August 6, 2009

still my baby

I just made an interesting discovery this morning...... my son, after all, DOES have a healthy sense of fear. Thank goodness. I was beginning think that I would have to start walking around with splint kits and ice packs.

Jacob this morning told us he wanted to walk to school (daycare) today. He's never asked that before because normally he wants to ride his bike. When I clued in to what was going on I asked him if he wanted to take his old bike... meaning his tricycle. With a big nod and a grin, on the trike he hopped and rode joyfully to daycare with my husband walking briskly beside him. It seems that Jacob was too proud to ask to ride his little bike after having received his 'big' two wheeler for his 3rd birthday a few weeks ago. Even with the training wheels I think he felt a bit unsteady since there are a few hills to and from daycare and his centre of gravity is much higher. So into the closet the 'big' bike will go until he asks for it again.

It's nice to know that Jacob isn't growing up too quickly after all. xoxoxoxox ;)

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