Sunday, September 13, 2009

another bestest weekend

With the baby getting most of the attention these days, I love it when I can reconnect with my first baby.... Jacob. He is one of the greatest joys of my life and I remember clear as a bell the second he was born and I looked at him and I laughed out loud because I was so happy to finally meet him. I will have to dig up that picture. If I could capture that moment of pure bliss for a minute everyday I would be the happiest person alive.

This weekend my husband was working overtime and not home till late until the evening. So on Saturday, with both children in tow I set off on our morning trek to the bakery etc. But in the afternoon, I asked my parents to watch Maiya during her nap and I took Jacob and off we went exploring the city. We found a great little street festival and Jacob was just thrilled to be able to walk around and take in all the sites. There was a gentleman making animal balloons and you should have seen the smile on Jacob's face when he got two of them! The thing that I love about my son is that he will never whine or cry when we are out browsing. He saw a ton of those cheap toys and candy from street vendors and I could see him look at them longingly but he never once asked. He would oooohhh and ahhhhh and say he liked them and continue on. We came across another vendor with a display of Hot Wheels cars and I could see Jacob lingering and I said he could have 'just one'. His little face lit up and in that moment I could have bought him that entire collection. Jacob looked them over carefully and ended up picking the Hot Wheels ice cream truck.... lol. We went home and I made dinner for my parents and they bathed the children and it was one of the most perfect days.

Today I was on my own with both children and with Jacob in the stroller and Maiya on my back we walked a half hour to an outdoor art show and petting zoo. And as much fun we had with all the exhibits and children's activities, the best part was crossing this pedestrian overpass bridge just as the stock trains were passing underneath.
I let him walk on the bridge and he stood stock still in awe for 20 minutes as the trains passed beneath him. He looked so small yet so self assured and I wish I could have let him stay there until the very last train passed but alas, it was time to go because he could barely keep his eyes open. And there was not a peep from Maiya all day. This little dolly of a girl will stay perched on my back and look around contentedly and when sleepy, just place her cheek on my back and sleep.

Both children tucked in bed and as exhausted as I am, I can say it was truly a great weekend to be a mother. xo

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