Sunday, September 27, 2009

it's not a ghost

My husband thought he'd be a help and start folding laundry while I prepared dinner. When I walked by to let him know it was time to eat I just about peed myself because I was laughing so hard at what I saw... He was wrestling with the duvet cover and I swear it took him forever to get it folded. I don't know what he was thinking but he was actually inside it.

Needless to say he wasn't amused by my laughter.

I shouldn't laugh while he's doing any chore to help me out. Don't want to discourage him from ever giving me a hand again. Sorry honey.. I just couldn't help it. xo


  1. it's me! viki...
    i decided to take a sick day today with my little princess who has a nasty cold/cough and is not so little anymore. i am so glad i did on so many levels, but most noteably is that i've been glued to my screen catching up on life with you and your gang. to the point of ignoring my darling, sick daughter who is hungry and is wanting some warm tea!! what a great mother you say?

    anyways, i am going to give u a huge, HUGE hug next time i am able to catch you live at some crazy WOD!! not only do i covet your abs, your style, your fierce athleticism at our gym...but now i have discovered this other mom who is just like me! living life by the minute, not wasting any. adoring the children you waited to have and feeling the 'age' and anxiety of how the hell will you keep up?
    you are brilliant, hilarious, brave, lovely all wrapped up in a killer spirit.
    you go missy. and thank you for what you do out there! being a mom is the single most rewarding thing you'll do, but being a firefighter (which is a misnomer, really)is amazing in of itself!
    and kathy and i are with you on the ED love affair. we may have to armwrestle for his undivided attention someday!!! ;)

  2. Awwwwww... thanks! It took me awhile to get the courage to start up this blog... wasn't too sure about putting my life 'out there' but it's a good catharsis for me and a way of remembering the little things that happen as life speeds on by... because these days with my milk brain I can't remember my arse from my elbow. phew... how's that for a run-on sentence... lol.....
    I look forward to tackling the next killer WOD with you. And of course eating ice cream (shhhhhh don't tell anyone!)
    Hope your daughter is feeling better and that you are taking some 'you' time as well... xo

  3. oh yes...if i have mastered anything and/or learned anything is that a 'me' day is absolutely essential. it's as sacred as workouts for is that day i needed to shut down and be a couch potato with my girl. she watched harry potter while i read your entire list of entries! LOL

    and i meant to tell you that having been where you are at this moment thinking and feeling all of the same things that you are right now, it actually does get easier. hannah and julien are 8 and 6 and totally becoming their own little people. and the love and awe you feel now gets magnified with every word they learn and with every nuance of you and your hubby that appears right before your eyes! they are so much fun right now. truth is, every age has its challenge and moments. haven't felt one worse than the other, but now you can really start relating to them. you can have the best conversations with them! YOU WILL LOVE IT. And the autonomy that comes with every day, becomes easier for us...and your sleep does come back, well sort of!

    and you are on for an ice cream date...perhaps after a killer WOD!! that way, less guilt!
    have a great night and talk soon!

    ;) v