Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sticks and stones

There is always one person at school or at work that is a bully. I have had my dealings with one or two jackasses at work but I'm a big girl and can handle it. Just a sad fact of life. But I was shocked when I met this 4 year old boy at my son's daycare. He is one of those children that just likes being mean and mouthy. And I want to give this boy a big hard pinch on his ear he is so horrid. The first time I saw him he came up to me and said "I am going to slit your throat". Thankfully the teacher was close by and promptly timed him out. Next day he said he was going to shoot my eyes out with lasers. Now, if he is saying this to me, an adult. I can only imagine what he is saying to the other children. Jacob came home with some pretty colourful language that he learned from E. My husband and I were not impressed of course and dealt with it. We do not let Jacob get away even with a mere inch of inappropriate behaviour. We tell him that boys who spit/hit/scream/lie have no friends. It struck me as odd when I saw E. at the daycare teasing mercilessly one of the children including Jacob, and E's mother was laughing along with her son. For the life of me I do not understand how some people are allowed to breed.

Forget pinching E. I wish I could just give his mother a slap.

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