Monday, September 14, 2009

living together

I know my children inside and out. It's a symbiotic and intimate relationship. Their body language and idiocycracies are easy for me to read simply because I am their mother and because we spend so much time together. And they, in turn, are able to read me. Jacob knows from the narrowing of my eyes if I am not pleased with naughty behaviour. And I swear even at her young age, Maiya kisses me when I am sad or upset. We feed off each other.... if I am stressed the kids start spinning out of control.... so I try to stay mellow when things get crazy at home. Jacob is a sensitive child and when he spins he is just trying to get some attention. And in that moment I need to be wise and forget about the million and one things I need to do around the house and stop whatever I happen to be doing and just give him a hug.

At work, it's much the same. Minus the hugs... we tend not be the most touchy feely kind of people. Regardless, there is a level of intimacy that develops simply from working and living together in the same close quarters. At calls we move about doing our jobs with very little need to speak to each other because we each know what needs to be done. We know when to back off and give space if someone is having a rough day and we know who can take harder ribbing and practical jokes. We know about each other's spouses, children, hobbies, likes and dislikes... down to our favourite pizza toppings, cars, dogs, and movies. We know what grosses each other out, what makes us laugh and what to do or not do to piss each other off. One observant crewmate knew that I was pregnant before I did simply by noticing how much food I was scarfing down.

Again, this is one of those posts where I have no idea where I am going or what point I am trying to make. I think I am really, realy missing the guys at work though I know once I get back to work I will be homesick. Mostly at night when I want to snuggle with my children instead of share a dorm with a bunch of snoring and farting men.


  1. I love your blog.
    Really wish you'd put it all into a book... I know most working mothers would love it. The constant conflicting pulls from all directions... the guilt and the joy. Write a Goddamn book...willya?
    Denise Grant

  2. gotta find a publisher... lol...

    soooo good to hear from you.