Sunday, February 28, 2010

the remedy

I'd be telling a bold faced lie if I said that I love parenting. I hate the constant saying and hearing 'no', the food splattered everywhere, my living room looking as if a tornado has ripped through it, the bathroom having fared even worse. I hate wolfing down my dinner as I tap dance around the kitchen trying to get the kids fed, dishes loaded, pots washed. I hate being woken up at the crack of dawn, the tantrums, the piles of endless laundry. I know, I know, I sound like the biggest whiner but it's true... I will say it when others won't. Parenting can really suck.

The past few weeks have been trying, especially since we were all sick and Maiya has been teething to the point her mouth is so sore she won't eat and has been non stop fussy. And Jacob, in his three and a half year old way has found ways new and innovating ways to annoy me to no end. I miss my old life with my husband where we would travel somewhere exotic once a year, go interior camping, stay up till whenever and sleep in all day and have a roll in the hay without having to schedule it in. We could brunch in peace. And have a conversation uninterrupted. I feel like I am giving it my all and it still isn't enough. Thank God I have something to fall back on that always brings me out of a mad funk. CrossFit. :) Due to illness and familial duties, I hadn't worked out in weeks so I was restless and overdue. Turns out my timing couldn't have been better since my uber cool friends opened up their very own gym... CrossFit Quantum to be precise. Their open house was yesterday so I made the trip and headed up to see them with Jacob and participated in their killer workout, which left me happily breathless, and comfortingly surrounded by my friends. To me, a great workout is even better than a big hug. I've been to a few CrossFit gyms but I have to say CrossFit Quantum has the greatest vibe I've seen yet, a classy space, full of sexy, happy, and fit people.

And the best? Jacob was as good as gold the entire time we were there. Check out the smiles in the great new Quantum space!


  1. Loved seeing you on Saturday!! You were a force to be reckoned with out there and kept me going the whole time.
    Hope to see you again at cfq soon!

  2. Thanks! So good to see you too! You looked absolutely gorgeous as usual. :) I've never seen anyone able to work out and look picture perfect afterwards. xo

  3. you ladies both rocked it...and looked fab while doing it! so happy you came out and showed em how it's done!

    high fives to lil j too!

  4. aww, heartwarming to read this one! you killed saturday's workout, well done!

  5. thanks Sara! And thanks for taking all those fab pics!!!! xo