Saturday, February 20, 2010

sick bay

Illness is a strange thing. It can break you down or build you up. Or both. As a child I had the mumps, the measles, chickenpox, whooping cough... With the exposure, I now have natural immunity to these diseases which is a good thing. I try not to panic when my children catch something because their bodies are learning to develop antibodies which makes them stronger in the long run. Jacob came home from daycare last week with what I believe to be the Norwalk Virus... a fancy name for a stomach bug. It's going around town. Then my husband came down with it. And now today, moi. I am keeping my fingers crossed Maiya doesn't get it but infection of this virus isn't as frequent in infants and toddlers. I rarely get sick but motherhood plus my job has me a bit run-down. As much as I hate getting sick, the silver lining is that it forces me to slow down. No attempting a personal best at an Olympic lift at the gym today, no social life (boo! my friends are having a paleo nights party as I type), no whirlwind of have-to's, no pressure to make dinner or win mother of the year award. I park the kids in front of the tv, have a scalding hot bubble bath, and take this opportunity to finish a novel and try a new flavour tea. But the A-type personality in me gives me 24 hours to get over this bug because on Monday I'm on shift and I hate missing work. So it will be an early night for me. After hopefully a good night's sleep I will be right as rain again and maybe try to go for that personal record lift at the gym. ;)

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