Thursday, February 11, 2010

my deepest loves

There's a moment in time that is nearly imperceptible when all of a sudden your baby disappears and becomes a toddler and your little boy becomes a little man. I have really noticed the growth in the children since I've been back to work. Perhaps the distance of being away on shift makes me more aware of the changes that happen when I'm gone. Maiya is still my little dolly but she's matured into this person who knows how to communicate and get her message across crystal clear. She is quick to point out her likes and dislikes and wants to do everything on her own.... from opening the door, to feeding herself, and when swimming.... she doesn't want anyone to hold on to her except that she can't swim yet so I think I may have to get a lifejacket so she can paddle around on her own. She is so independent that when at the shopping mall, she refuses to hold my hand and will wander around full tilt with nary a backward glance. But what floors me the most is the fact that she is telling me when she needs to go potty and she's not even 15 months old yet. It's cute... she'll tell me 'potty' then run to the bathroom and wait for me to help her.

Jacob's vocabulary continues to increase exponentially. I have started speaking to him in French and he is catching on quickly. He can fly a remote control helicopter on his own and his lateral thinking is advanced to the point I am finding it a bit freaky. He will most likely do better in school than I ever did. The thing I love the most about my son is how gentle he is. Where Maiya is the fearless and independent warrior princess, Jacob is the sensitive old soul. He still tells me he loves me everyday and will hold my hand walking down the street and let me carry him in my arms when he is tired. Jacob will wash his sister's hair when they are in the bath together, feed her when she's hungry and get her a bottle when she asks in a language that sometimes only he can understand. It's adorable when he gets home from daycare and they go running into each other's arms. When we walk through the neighbourhood and he bumps into his daycare friends it's fun for me to step back and watch him have full-on conversations with his mates.

I have said it before and I will say it again that I am so fortunate to have these two little rascals in my life. They are both so different from each other in perfectly balanced ways. I will need to remind myself to read this post whenever the children are driving me crazy... motherhood isn't easy but my-oh-my it's certainly the roller coaster ride of my life. xo

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  1. Jo here. Your congrats email yesterday reminded me I could come here to find the latest updates on your life. Now I feel all caught up. Love love this post. Can't believe how big Maiya is in such a matter of months. Still a baby when we left! So wonderful to hear how gentle Jacob is towards Maiya. I've been really amazed at how loving Alex has been with this new brother. I really expected him to be more jealous, rougher, the way he usually is but he's totally surprised me with his tenderness. Makes me so proud. Love reading all the other posts about life in the firehall as well. Will try and read regularly from now on.

  2. Thanks for dropping in Jo! Congrats again on your beautiful son. Alex seems to be the adoring big brother. Such fun!

    Miss you and our chats. xo